Tuesday, August 31, 2004

At work again ...

Started with some new templates for my web-site. Always intersting to play and play and try to see if you can get to the effect that you would like. Most of the time it is just deleting all the frovolous stuff to make it simpler and cleaner to achieve a pleasing effect.

To see my struggles follow this link. The 'Andere' menu item brings you to the second design. Most links lead nowhere.

In time things should improve.

Just another try

And then ...

With the Olympics finished one could wonder what to do now. Well, that is something to think about. Hey, now I can think about something to do. So I have something to do!


Rain and traffic.

OK, yeah, I agree, when it rains you should drive slower. Especially when there is a lot of traffic. You have to be careful and take notice of others.

But there is a limit to the speed drop to which one should be held. If one goes too slow then that car is blocking the way for others. Also abrupt change of speed by braking is just not done. The traffic behind these drivers congests until the point where I drive comes to a complete stand still.

This always happens and most annoyingly right after summer holidays when all the drivers with low intelligence return from holiday and start criss crossing all over the road changing lanes and passing on the wrong side.

There should be a law against it.

At least one.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Well hello

This should be a new start.

Apparently September 21st will be a very special day for me. According to Susan Miller at least. The interesting site Astrology Zone reveals all the secrets for the future. Just go there, unless you don't want to know yet what happens in the future.

Keep a watch out for my posts on or round about September 21st, the world will change big time, at least for me.

For those who are wondering: my sign is Aquarius.

Can't wait!