Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trying to get back into blogging

.. and it's a struggle

I have been planning and  planning to write more on this blog. I have been trying to at least write a single piece again on this blog. It has been way, way too long since the last post. It's been some eight months now. Bummer, that's bad.
Looking back over the years I can see that my blog has been drying out. Nothing comes out of the well anymore. That is not good.
Let's take action
Blogging has been on my list, always. It still is. Simple as that. But so have many other activities. Including work. And hobbies. It has been difficult to find the right balance to do everything I want to do. I have scraped some subjects in Google Docs but have never gotten around to work these out into proper blog posts. There is more needed for that than just a few more lines of text.
But anyway I need to take some action. I need to look for and find the time to pick things up again.
And I have found a tool: Lift. It’s a tool for achieving goals and literally lifting you up again. There is also an app in the Play Store and on iTunes.
Daily motivation
Pick a plan in Lift and you get a plan divided up into simple steps that you can take daily and slowly and surely achieve your goal. Having done a task simple check it and optionally add a comment. Other Lift users can give you props for the achievement and can also start a discussion to help you or others achieve their goals.
This is truly a form of daily motivation.
One of my goals is writing
I picked one of the goals to get me back into writing more regularly and so far it has helped me a lot. This blogpost is one of the products to prove it.
There are other plans that I have chosen and that help me to get more grip on my goals in life. I find it a great tool to help me help myself with some help from unknown friends.