Thursday, August 10, 2006

It will be silent for a bit

.. but I think I earned a rest

I have noticed considerable more readers lately since one of my posts was exposed by The Google Enterprise Blog. So all the more reason to keep this tiny crowd satisfied. But, I will lean back for a couple of weeks and enjoy the landscape that is called Sweden.

Last year I skipped summer vacation because I moved back to my home town and spend a lot of my free time this year DIY-ing around the house and garden. All very rewarding, but also energy draining. So, yes I do think I deserve some time off.

And during vacation I try to steer away from computers and the Internet to save myself from doing things that closely resemble work. It's time off completely. I will walk in the forest, try to spot reindeer and elks and Pippi Longstocking.

Quick update

In my last couple of posts I have mentioned some of the projects that I am working on for my employer. Just to keep you informed here is a quick update on things:

Implementing the Google Mini
In the last three weeks we did two attempts at setting up a virtual test environment for the search functionality in our website. The second attempts was successful. Then the tweaking and some bugfixes were done. Now it is waiting for the tester to return from Alaska.
A broader look of the website
The narrow site design is stretched from 800 to 100 pixels wide and will be tested on the same virtual environment as the search functionality is tested on. In fact these both feature will be released to the public at the same time.
Content for this blog and my own website
I have some snippets of articles and even a presentation ready that I need to adapt just a bit for the general public and then maybe translate into Dutch or English before publishing them. This will have to wait until I return from Sweden.

Now, I just try to figure out what is going on in London and the world. And then I will go home and pack my stuff and drive to Sweden to get some well deserved rest.

Hope you return sometime in September!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Help! My coffee cup is spinning

.. or is it me?

Well, it is me. I have just quickly snapped my coffee cup (half empty at the time) and uploaded some pictures to to create a simple view from all sides. Click the image below and watch it spin!

spinning coffee cup by

It may not look too impressive, but hey it's my phone camera and only twelve pictures taken from a not so steady hand as I had caffeine withdrawal symptoms while snapping.