Friday, August 15, 2008

Google AdSense for Feeds

.. just a quick test

Just read a post about Google AdSense for Feeds and decided to give it a go. Not to get filthy rich (again) but just to see if I could set it up in no time.

So I jumped straight into my AdSense portal and after some clicks and going back and forth to FeedBurner I think I have it set up correctly. Well, I hope I have. Not sure when or how I will see AdSense popup in my feed.

Paris album coverImage via Wikipedia

Head on over an have a look at The new feed.

Well, now for some fun

Just to try and some Olympic Pool size attention by just adding in completely irrelevant keywords like iPhone G3 failures, Paris Hilton, Michael Phelps and see what will happen.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wanna tip?

.. go ahead

Recently tipping on the Internet has gained some momentum. It's nearing the tipping point, ahum. On various blogs and site you see things popping up like Tipjoy. Sites like these provide the possibility to tip the authors of good, helpful, funny or entertaining content.

I try to be an author of good, helpful, funny or entertaining content. So, I have decided to include a Tipjoy button in my sidebar on the right. It's an experiment.

Probably will never get rich though

I do not think that I will soon be maintaining this blog from a yacht in the Carribean with Satelite Internet but you'll never know.

Looking at the numbers I published recently when literally every visitor clicks the button an donates $0.10 then over a period of almost three years I would make $1271,10. That would hardly pay for a inflatable boat with outboard engine and would certainly not get me to the Carribean.

But then again, you'll never know. So, please start clicking.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Just some numbers

.. I kinda like

While waiting for a virtual image to finish installing and configuring itself I had a glimpse at my Google Analytics figures. I have had that running on this blog since November 2005 and have been pleased with it all the way. Lot's of stats and graphs that show me quite a bit about who reads what on this blog.

I decided to select the entire range from the start in November 2005 until today and saw some happy numbers. I know that many sites generate these kind of numbers in a single day and some of the bigger blogs might need a month or less to achieve this. But still, I think it's something. Impressive, to me at least.

  • 15442 Visits
  • 12711 Unique visitors
  • 21839 Page views
Numbers in my life - ComputerImage by Jeff_Werner via Flickr

Well, that's enough to give myself a good feeling going into the weekend. Hey! the virtual machine is ready. Back to work!

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