Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Activation required

.. or who wants to live forever?

Yes, I have a laptop and yes it has Windows Vista on it. Yes, slowly and surely I begin to learn to live with its quirks and annoyances. I begin to find the little knobs you need to find to turn off those nasty warning screens. I mean, three dialogs warning me when I drag and drop some files to my C: drive? Honestly!

And then the confusing options when I want to go home. Should I:

  1. let the laptop Shut Down?
  2. put it to Sleep?
  3. let it Hibernate?
  4. or just close it down and see for it self what it does?

This is not a quiz with prizes but all answers are welcome in the comments.


Last night I put my laptop into Hibernate and this morning I woke it up again and Norton Internet Security welcomed me with this screen.

The message box in Dutch
You have decided to skip activation. This proces takes less than a minute. You have to activate your product within 4325464 days. Otherwise it will no longer work.
Do you want to activate now?

Now, I must remember to activate it in about 118 and a half century. Now, I just hope my laptop still is around by then. I will have to pass this on to my offspring. Because I don't think I will be around to remember.