Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was shocked

.. and then I laughed


.. wasn't that the first browser?

I must admit that back in the old days when cows still walked barefoot in the meadows I was browsing the Internet using the Mosaic browser. That was a very, very log time ago.

But this blogpost has nothing to do wth that.

Blogger views

Blogger (which hosts this blog) added a dynamic view mode that allows the user to view a blog in a number of different ways. One them is "mosaic" that I think can provide in a snapshot what a blog is all about.

Blogger is just one example of how Google breathe new life into a product. They have done this by "rotating" it to a new team and it's great to see that they keep innovating on a product that's been around for so long.

Here's the link to see this blog in the mosaic view: and you can change it to one of the other dynamic views with the menu in the upper left.