Friday, December 21, 2007

Been busy lately

.. and not much time to blog

Although, there are many many things to blog about I do not have the time to do just that. It's been a very busy time. So here is a very quick and short update.

So what happened?
  • Had a very interesting time at Vicrea doing a conformity test for the Dutch ministry of Housing (VROM) and they, we, I passed! Three cheers for them, us, me!
  • Also while being outsourced there I made the functional design that they are now building without me. Every now and then I sense the grunts coming from that building. Sorry, it wasn't me who designed the interface of the VROM side of things. I bare with you, all the way to the McDonald's.
  • In between all this there is much time being spent on the wonderful Girls A-team of the hockeyclub MHC Steenwijk. We aimed for the highest leaugue and reached that and we even were in the top spot for a couple of weeks and presently we are in the second spot and we have plans not to go any lower than that. And that is an understatement!
  • Then there is a great project going on at my present employer. We are preparing an online service, SaaS, and plan to go live in the next couple of months. there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be done in the project, but it is absolutely exciting. I will remain hush hush for a while, but I will let you know on this blog when things become closer to the launch!
  • After my time at Vicrea I now have moved onwards to yet another insurance company, Achmea to lend a hand in some projects. An interesting environment I should say.
  • Also some websites are in the progress of being built, so that takes some more time away from me.
  • I know that I am forgetting stuff here ..
  • And finally, my family and me are about to embark on Our Big Trip to visit my brother and sister in law in Bloomington, Indiana. That will keep us away for some three weeks and hopefully I will find time to update either this blog or my Dutch Hyves pages. The latter is probably not visible to everyone and it is in Dutch.
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So, thats the update for now.

Rests me nothing more than to wish everyone a good and healthyy holiday season!