Monday, September 27, 2004

Mondays, you gotta love them ...

Nobody likes Mondays. They all say that, but maybe they are all wrong. Monday is a great day. Every Monday is the start of a new exiting week. The chance to make things work, make things work even better. The start of another creative week.

But no, nobody seems to like good old Monday. He is spit out, kicked into the corner. Being called names. Ignored. Outcast. It's the underdog of all days.

So OK, it is Monday again and I am trying to cheer myself up by accusing everyone of being mislead on their Monday feeling. Trying to convince myself that Monday is indeed a great day that we all should celebrate and cheer on when it arrives. But to be honest: Monday is yet another day in the office after a nice relaxing weekend. And this Monday: I come to discover that the program that is to go in production tomorrow has not been tested by any of the users and my concern expressed to the person who might be able to kick some behinds to make people move was greeted by an out-of-office reply: she will not be in for the rest of the week.

Monday is Monday again. I wish it was still weekend.

I pity Monday, because he is and always will be the underdog of all days.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

What about the great days ...

Yeah, what about he great days? I said 14 or 21 or 20. So what about them? Did anything happen?

Well something started on the 21st, but it has not turned into something completely yet. So bear with me and see what happens in the very near future.

Don't hold your breath, though.

The leaves start falling ...

Well as a figure of speech then. The leaves are not falling yet, but soon they should. Fall has started. Wind is blowing. Lots of rain. Temperature has dropped and the summer is definitely over.

It is time to sit back and think about the things we have achieved so far this year and, if we find we have not done enough, we can pull a final sprint to get our production up to scratch. And, well I have looked at my achievements, and how others have thought about them. Then reflected on how others have achieved in my eyes. Had a wry smile and shook my head. Why oh why does there seem to be such a difference in perception of what one thinks of their achievements and what others observe? OK, OK, I should be as objective as possible and not state that I am the only sane person in this world. (Although sometimes I think I am.) But at this particular moment in time I seem to be surrounded with peopple who share my opinion about another person and also, like me, disagree with the opinion that that person has about me. So either we are all crazy, biased or misled or I am a great manipulator (but then said person would not have had a conflicting view of me) or we are all completely accurate in our observations.

This must be a great moment to sit back and take another sip of coffee. Sense and simplicty, as they say.

Friday, September 17, 2004

An award! At last ...

Sure, I always knew I had it in me. But lately, some doubts have invaded my state of mind and clouded over my confidence. But now things have changed!

I have finally received what was coming to me for a long, long time: an award!

The University of Blogging Presents to Roho An Honorary Bachelor of Cheesey Memes Majoring in Self Portraiture
Signed Dr.®

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Blogging Degree from

I'm walking on sunshine, woho!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Not much has happened ...

Even though yesterday should have been a very special day, it passed without anything happening. Nothing, zippo, nada.

Just wait then, maybe the 20th or the 21st will bring what is said to be in the stars. Or I might just not believe in it any longer until I feel desperate again.

That could be in a few months time again.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Today ...

Today could be the first day of the real lucky days of September. According to this could be one of my lucky days. (See also this post and this.)

Well, it's almost five o'clock and still not much exiting has happened, but who knows? It is not yet over for today. And then the 20th and 21st are still to come.


Blogging is bad for your health ...

A recent study showed that a group of students that was maintaining a web log was more stressed and physically in a less shape than a group of non-bloggers.

Is this disturbing news or what? Well, it is just one of those studies that we see wuite often. Red wine is supposed to be good or bad every five to six months depending on the nationality of the researchers. French institutes obviously always show the ebnefit of drinking red wine. And the some months later one is supposed to drink white wine. Or beer if the researcher comes from Germany or Belgium.

I just read these reports, or rather the extracted news item. This is always out of context and therefore much more readable, more newsworthy and thus much more fun. It gives yet another smile and a nice piece of discussion food for lingering a little longer at the coffee machine with co-workers.

Coming back to the blogging being bad for one's health. The reason that people were less off with blogging is the bloggers tend to go on and on about things that bother them. In that way they never got over it and the problem got bigger in stead of less by writing about it.

Any how, I will keep on blogging and I'll be careful not keep going on and on and on about little things that bother me.

But then again in five moths time some other researcher will have proven the opposite. Or that we should drink red wine while blogging. Cheers!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Just another day at the office ..

Eventhough I should not generalize I must admit that this morning I did bang my head on the table muttering: Those stupid Belgians! They are not all stupid, but some of them tend do these horrble nasty things that just do not make any sense. Some of them are OK, one of my collegeaus is from Belgium.

So what happened?

Well we have another software project going on, under the ususal time pressure. (One of these small changes, that according to them was a simple case of copy-n-paste: a five minute job, including documentation. My first estimate on the other hand was 160 hours of work. Just a weeny tad more than five minutes.

What really annoyed me this morning that I specifically insisted on having a separate development environment as the present changes would already have impact on the present application and we would not want the users to get all confused, now would we? So what I found out that they have created a mixed developemnt and production environment for me to work in. Users all of a sudden now have an option to select things that are not giving them the desired results, just complete bogus.

And .. oh how we try to deliver quality!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Elections ...

Looking from the other side of the ocean it is difficult to suppress a smile every now and then when observing the Presidential campaigns of both Bush and Kerry. They seem to focus on very few things to get the most attention from voters and potential voters. They cannot say anything to radical or outspoken because they need votes from another group as well. But the race being so tight means that they are even more careful. They both need the same group of voters so they can not step too far apart from that group nor the other candidates opinion.

Also the pathetic mud slinging at each other almost makes one smiles. I think the Republican convention was an ethical low in that sense. Trying to break down the other candidate by looking in a very detailed and out of context analysis of voting in the past seems to me as ridiculous. As if someone can not for some reason vote for a proposal and later against another one that seems to have some superficial link.

But this only almost makes me smile. Because for some reason this country has so much influence on the lives of so many people and countries outside of North America. And then to realise that the Greatest Democracy in the World is being governed by the person with the most money in their campaign, the most efficient PR machine and not by default the Best man for the job, should be more than enough to start worry any person who likes democracy.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More news on the future ...

I just read the September issue of my horoscope on Astrology Zone and apparently my big day of this onth can either happen on the 14th or 21st or the 20th.

I can hardly wait!

Web design in miniature ...

Now with so many people walking around with these tiny PDA thingies and web enabled mobile phones, the time has finally arrive for designing web sites that fit these small screens.

A List Apart has just published yet another good article on this subject.

A List Apart is one of those sites that you just need as a resource for good web design technology. I must admit that I learned many of the tricks from this site and I use them all the time.