Monday, September 27, 2004

Mondays, you gotta love them ...

Nobody likes Mondays. They all say that, but maybe they are all wrong. Monday is a great day. Every Monday is the start of a new exiting week. The chance to make things work, make things work even better. The start of another creative week.

But no, nobody seems to like good old Monday. He is spit out, kicked into the corner. Being called names. Ignored. Outcast. It's the underdog of all days.

So OK, it is Monday again and I am trying to cheer myself up by accusing everyone of being mislead on their Monday feeling. Trying to convince myself that Monday is indeed a great day that we all should celebrate and cheer on when it arrives. But to be honest: Monday is yet another day in the office after a nice relaxing weekend. And this Monday: I come to discover that the program that is to go in production tomorrow has not been tested by any of the users and my concern expressed to the person who might be able to kick some behinds to make people move was greeted by an out-of-office reply: she will not be in for the rest of the week.

Monday is Monday again. I wish it was still weekend.

I pity Monday, because he is and always will be the underdog of all days.