Thursday, September 23, 2004

The leaves start falling ...

Well as a figure of speech then. The leaves are not falling yet, but soon they should. Fall has started. Wind is blowing. Lots of rain. Temperature has dropped and the summer is definitely over.

It is time to sit back and think about the things we have achieved so far this year and, if we find we have not done enough, we can pull a final sprint to get our production up to scratch. And, well I have looked at my achievements, and how others have thought about them. Then reflected on how others have achieved in my eyes. Had a wry smile and shook my head. Why oh why does there seem to be such a difference in perception of what one thinks of their achievements and what others observe? OK, OK, I should be as objective as possible and not state that I am the only sane person in this world. (Although sometimes I think I am.) But at this particular moment in time I seem to be surrounded with peopple who share my opinion about another person and also, like me, disagree with the opinion that that person has about me. So either we are all crazy, biased or misled or I am a great manipulator (but then said person would not have had a conflicting view of me) or we are all completely accurate in our observations.

This must be a great moment to sit back and take another sip of coffee. Sense and simplicty, as they say.