Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time too waste?

.. easy!

Well I thought Flickrvison was a nice way to stare at a computer screen for hours and do nothing.

But now Google has come up with another great way of spending valuable work hours.

I wonder what comes up next.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ooh I'm just a busy bee

still alive in my hive

Yep, it's been sort of quiet lately on this blog. But I have been doing various unrelated things. That has kept me quite busy. Busy enough to not to blog. So, here's a short update on my recent activities.

  • Left my job at the insurance company, this post describes part of the reason. Rather one of the many reasons.
  • Had a week of complete rest. The best vacation is taken with the left over days off at the end of your contract when you float happily in the vacuum between two jobs.
  • Then I started my new job as a consultant. A fairly new company, not too big. Started on the bench first.
  • Sitting on the bench started to work on certification. Somehow never really got to that. My employers never demanded it or supported it or payed for it. And I never wanted to pay for it. Reading books and learning code that you may never use in real life. That is hard.
  • Built a little web site. When it's gone live I will provide a link.
  • Had a look at Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Team Foundation Server. I must say that I am quite impressed. It holds many promises.
  • Going through various sources on Team Foundation Server. Finding useful info and locating opportunities for our consultancy firm. Things we can add, tweak and customize on TFS to make it a product / service that we can deliver to customers. Lots and lots of potential there.
  • Driving a lease car for the first time of my life.
  • Driving the second lease car, as the first one was apparently "too old".
  • Thinking about which lease car I should get as these first two were only temporarily mine.
  • Getting to grips with Windows Vista on my very wide screen laptop. It looks nice, but why?
  • Getting to grips with Office 2007.
  • Bought myself a new PDA. The old one a very robust HP Jornada 420 was getting "too old" and would never sync with Windows Vista.
  • Discovering that my new PDA, an HP Travel Companion Rx5720 with TomTom 6.1 will simply not sync with my Vista / Outlook 2007 machine. Aaaargh! Well, at least I can have John Cleese give me directions. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or Darth Vader. Or in Catalunian.
  • In my sparse spare time I am busy getting some other certification as a Youth Hockey Trainer. And for all you US citizens; I am talking about the real hockey, not the artificial stuff on ice with a flattened ball. Within a couple of weeks the examinations will start.
  • is coming to live, ever so slowly
  • Also the hockey has continued to take up more and more of my time lately as I am doing my home work analyzing games and the season is drawing to a climax with a possible championship (it's now official: the girls are champion!) and the ever excellent Knollenkamp tournament.

So, there you are. Quite a list.

And should I mention that I also try to finalize my website utilizing my Clean Semantics approach? Yes, I think I should