Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago today

.. I knew I was so naive

10 September 2001: I was under the impression that things were getting better in the World. That we were indeed slowly, ever so slowly, making this World a bit better.

11 September 2001: I was shocked and my positive feeling about the future was shattered. I felt like being back in the darkest days of Cold War, when we were threatened by the Soviets.

11 September 2007: I can still not believe that the World has not fully recovered. That there is still stupid violence going on in Afghanistan, Iraq and basically all around the globe. That still innocent people are hurt most by the stupid violence. I am no longer naive and I am beginning to lose my optimism and fearing that this World will never get any better, because the People on it have not enough respect for each other and too much fear of others, other religions, other skin color, other habits.

Please, please, People of the World, prove me wrong!