Friday, July 01, 2011

A multimedia super machine

.. what would that be today?

Today the multimedia business is rapidly (r)evolving with ever more possibilities and more machines are coming together. Telephone, Internet and TV are converging with more and more functionalities coming in as well.
I find it difficult to keep up to date, but still I try. Every month, it seems, some new gadget comes onto the market that has some completely new amazing function or a better way to do something an other device already did. It's hard to keep up with it.
My multimedia center is not yet complete
Although my multimedia machinery is relatively complete I still miss some functionality. I can not playback all the movies I hold on my NAS (DLNA enabled) and I can not record TV shows. Or time shifting. I can do some browsing on my TV and on my Wii but neither is great.
So there are somethings that I would want to add to my setup. But I only want to add a single machine that holds all possible options I can think of. At least that I can think off today.
If only I could think of all the options available today.
And that's where you come in
Since it is impossible for me to compile the list of maybe all the options that are out there at this moment I have decided to crowdsource this task. I have shared a Google Docs document that you can freely edit.
Please bear in mind that I don't want the machine to make coffee, do the laundry and walk the dog. So please only realistic requirements for the machine.
So if you want to help me find the requirements for my next Multimedia Super Machine just click the link and add to the document.
Many thanks in advance!

The results so far
Have a lookie!

Scroll about :-) or just click the link and have better view and maybe even add or correct.
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