Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Blogging is bad for your health ...

A recent study showed that a group of students that was maintaining a web log was more stressed and physically in a less shape than a group of non-bloggers.

Is this disturbing news or what? Well, it is just one of those studies that we see wuite often. Red wine is supposed to be good or bad every five to six months depending on the nationality of the researchers. French institutes obviously always show the ebnefit of drinking red wine. And the some months later one is supposed to drink white wine. Or beer if the researcher comes from Germany or Belgium.

I just read these reports, or rather the extracted news item. This is always out of context and therefore much more readable, more newsworthy and thus much more fun. It gives yet another smile and a nice piece of discussion food for lingering a little longer at the coffee machine with co-workers.

Coming back to the blogging being bad for one's health. The reason that people were less off with blogging is the bloggers tend to go on and on about things that bother them. In that way they never got over it and the problem got bigger in stead of less by writing about it.

Any how, I will keep on blogging and I'll be careful not keep going on and on and on about little things that bother me.

But then again in five moths time some other researcher will have proven the opposite. Or that we should drink red wine while blogging. Cheers!