Thursday, September 09, 2004

Just another day at the office ..

Eventhough I should not generalize I must admit that this morning I did bang my head on the table muttering: Those stupid Belgians! They are not all stupid, but some of them tend do these horrble nasty things that just do not make any sense. Some of them are OK, one of my collegeaus is from Belgium.

So what happened?

Well we have another software project going on, under the ususal time pressure. (One of these small changes, that according to them was a simple case of copy-n-paste: a five minute job, including documentation. My first estimate on the other hand was 160 hours of work. Just a weeny tad more than five minutes.

What really annoyed me this morning that I specifically insisted on having a separate development environment as the present changes would already have impact on the present application and we would not want the users to get all confused, now would we? So what I found out that they have created a mixed developemnt and production environment for me to work in. Users all of a sudden now have an option to select things that are not giving them the desired results, just complete bogus.

And .. oh how we try to deliver quality!