Friday, August 01, 2008

Just some numbers

.. I kinda like

While waiting for a virtual image to finish installing and configuring itself I had a glimpse at my Google Analytics figures. I have had that running on this blog since November 2005 and have been pleased with it all the way. Lot's of stats and graphs that show me quite a bit about who reads what on this blog.

I decided to select the entire range from the start in November 2005 until today and saw some happy numbers. I know that many sites generate these kind of numbers in a single day and some of the bigger blogs might need a month or less to achieve this. But still, I think it's something. Impressive, to me at least.

  • 15442 Visits
  • 12711 Unique visitors
  • 21839 Page views
Numbers in my life - ComputerImage by Jeff_Werner via Flickr

Well, that's enough to give myself a good feeling going into the weekend. Hey! the virtual machine is ready. Back to work!

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