Monday, December 06, 2004

Control, control, one can never have too much control ..

.. or can you?

When you have been assigned to lead a group of individual minds that sit in a tight group together and speak to each other without prior permission from you, the Leader. Well, this is quite obviously an outrageous situation and something one should take action against in a direct and harsh way.

But taking this action requires some courage as well as you have to address the group and tell them to stop their subversive behavior. One could address each individual alone and lower the risk of an uprising. One against one is easier than one against a group. He he!

But then, what if there are some non-weaklings in the group? People that can outstare one and maybe even outsmart one? How can one ever have allowed the hiring of such persons!?

If one can not face the group or some or more of the individuals of the group alone then one is forced to stoop to more obscure tactics. Then one must go behind the backs of all and take covert actions. Install microphones, browse through papers laying about on the desks, secretly read through the email. That is the only way to find out what is going on. Gather as much evidence as needed against the most problematic figures in the group and find something that he or she shouldn't have done and then take action. The preferred type of action is through proxy. Let someone else take on the task of punishing or suspending or even firing the culprit. In the best scenario one can even play the innocent role.

'Hey , I would have loved to keep you around, you are a valuable asset in my team, but if someone has caught you stealing toilet paper then it is out of my hands. BTW I would be happy to write a recommendation if you wish....'