Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Yes, it has been a while ...

but Happy New year!

I have been busy, which is always a good sign, but I will try to update this blog a little bit more regular than once or twice a month. Don't expect a daily update, but a weekly-ish type of schedule. Why not be more specific?

Anyhow, a new year, new chances, new opportunities to make this world a better place, although at the end of the year we may think that things could not have been worse than this year.

OK, stop the pessimism and onto the optimism: here is a nice web thingy coming up: my personally tagged favorites up for grabs!

Also known as Folksonomies. There is already an extensive paper on this subject out there: Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata

Try them and see what interests me. Try it yourself and spread the word.

Now back to my coffee.