Friday, May 13, 2005

Time flies by

.. and wasting energy

As said I have landed in a new job. Not quite crash landed, but still a bumpy ride with lots of air pockets. Even after landing!

So, in the past months I have been busy with lots and lots of new stuff and doing all sorts of unrelated thingies. Mainly ASP.NET and C#, but also a lot of XHTML and CSS and learning Photoshop the Nike way. (Just do it) Seems at least something has stuck from that era.

More privately I have been and still am building some websites again and working hard on a new version of my own site. Even more privately, I have sold my house and am in the process of wrapping up the purchase of a new house. Meaning, I will have to get a mortgage (please do not spam me on this) and find a moving company.

enough reasons for this blog to be silent for the last period.