Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google Sitemaps

.. observations [2]

In my previous post I was already enthusiastic about my sitemap being pickup by Google twice within the first day. I can now say that that is not because I submitted it twice.

This morning I noticed that it was again picked up last night without me saying that it should do so. And again this morning at 9 am!. To me this proves observations by others that the Google Sitemaps get picked up twice daily. So this part of the system is working the way I hoped it would.

Now for the real purpose of the Sitemaps: getting your pages crawled. The Crawlers haven't yet crawled my site using the Sitemap. This can take some time before it happens. The predominant belief is that a fresh crawl of the Internet is done every couple of weeks or month. (BTW do you believe in Google?)

So, since I only uploaded my sitemap two days ago, it could take up to a month before my hidden pages are discovered.

Meanwhile, I sit and wait, check my logs and get on with my work.