Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back at work

.. vacation is always too short

Getting used to vacation takes about half a day. As soon as I have left the street in which I live in my car fully packed with tents, sleeping bags and kids that's when the vacation spirit kicks in.

After coming home and getting back to work it takes much much longer to get used to being back at work. I find myself looking out the window and dreaming about Pippi.

Sweden 2006
August 2006 -Some Photos

Luckily the power company decided to help me out a bit yesterday. They created a beautiful power failure just before one o'clock and our wonderful IT department has power backup for the servers for a maximum of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes they bring down the servers and bringing these back up takes about two hours. Add to that the expected duration of the power failure of two hours and we were excused if we could not longer do any work. Well, I only had one meeting of half an hour (which was moved forward immediately) and being a developer I could not do anything. So I left early on my first day. Thanks Essent!

For today I hope Essent or some careless dragline driver helps me out again.