Monday, October 02, 2006

Surf's up

.. and so is the economy

Now, that the economy is slowly getting up to speed in Europe and my home country, The Netherlands one can see that jobs are opening up again. It is hard to look in a direction and not see new jobs being offered for good pay.

Add to that the feeling that one has a different view on market conformity in salary than the average manager then things start to tickle.

Already various people from my department have accepted other jobs, both internally and externally. The overall landscape has completely transformed from about a year ago. Add to that the rich sauce of an upcoming organizational change as part of a looming merger and whoa! a lot of unrest is being discussed in the coffee corner.

Well, as I am always very flexible to changes I don't mind looking out of the windows of opportunities and see some floating by happily. In a market of demand he who has skills is in command!

We'll see what the future brings who will be the next one biting the bait of better wage in a hopefully more stable situation.

p.s. Anyone want to dangle some bait in front of a web developer? Don't hesitate.