Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Firefox usage grows slowly

.. but steadily

As the French research Xiti shows in its recent report Firefox usage is steadily progressing in Europe.

Looking the average of Europe we see a steady climb from 19.4 % to 24.1% over the last year. Adding an almost 5% share! Impressive to say the least. The share has been growing more than 24% in a years time. Wow!

These are still very good numbers! I would have thought that growth would maybe slowdown, but no. It is still going steady.

Worldwide we see that Australia has the biggest Firefox share, 24.8%. North America is a bit behind on 15.1%. But looking at the numbers for the Netherlands they are still ahead of our 13.3%. That number has dropped 0.7% since last November. Weird.

It only goes to show that there are lies, big lies and statistics.