Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Taking a Safari

.. without going to Africa

For some years now I am devoted user of the Firefox browser. I just love the myriad of extensions as a user and the web standard implementation as a developer. I just can not live without the DOM Inspector or Firebug.

But ..

But I always knew that there was supposedly a better browser out there that was even better at rendering according to the standards: Safari. It tickled me and made me aware that in that area Firefox was just not the best browser. Close maybe, but not the best. And aaaaargh Safari was only available on Apple. Eventhough Apple computers have been very tempting and I have seriously thought about getting myself a Mini, I never really got round it.

Now things have changed a bit: you can now download a beta version of Safari 3 that you can install on OS X or on Windows XP or Vista.

I'll take a look at my blog and see how it looks in Safari! [singing]It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining I feel good, nothing 's gonna stop me now[sorry].