Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Food for thought

.. and lots of disucussions

Today A List Apart published issue 251 which contains two articles that already shock the readers. According to the comments.

Aaron Gustafson and Eric Meyer bring on a new look at browsers and how they should handle sites now and in the future. It's a whole new approach and one that has me still in state of "What?!" and I know I will have to read these articles again and yet again to maybe understand their impact.

Head on over there!

Read the articles again and again. This could be important. No, this is important. One way or the other.

It could be very important day today and then again maybe not.


I couldn't resist and have submitted a comment on A List Apart. Someone said: "it seems a sad day for web development". Well, I don't know abou that, but "it is a confusing day for web development"

it is a confusing day for web development