Friday, November 12, 2010

Scope creep can be nasty

.. but scope run seems worse

I've had it happen way too often on me: scope creep. Slowly, but surely small things get added and one moment you notice that way too much things are happening and need to be done on that small project.

I have been there and seen it and let it happen and still let it happen way too often. Almost every project scope creep comes creeping in.

But it can be worse

What is also possible in these 'agile' processes that are so hip these days that scope creep can go so fast that it not just adds some extra, elaborate features, but that it changes the complete application you are working on.

Sounds like horror?

Maybe this sounds like horror to you, but it can be a blessing as well. It prevents the moment where the client is proudly presented with the end product and then tells you that it is by no way what he wants.

To me it has been a good experience.