Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Again: Naturally this wasn't you!

.. my dear colleague!

This post is a follow-up to my previous complaint about the behavior of colleagues and was inspired by the wonderful You park like an asshole site.

This person apparently does not understand what the blue lines are indicating. They are outlining PARKING SPACES!Hey, there are plenty free parking spaces. Why then don't you park in one of them?

The same SAAB as the photo above. Apparently he likes to leave as much space for others as possible. All right, let's call this social good behavior.

To confirm my theory another SAAB has parked also very socially as to leaving as much parking space available for others. Then again, it could also be that SAAB drivers are socially inept and avoid any contact with others. I am not sure, but a pattern seems to be emerging here.

And here's another confirmation of the theory. This is what we now call the "Wall Hugger". Again, leaving as much space as possible for others. SAAB drivers maybe shy, afraid to get into the way of anybody else.

Look very carefully for the painted wheelchair. The owners of these two cars are not handicapped. Thank you very much.

And here one other colleague who has no idea why these blue lines are painted all over the square. There were in total nine spots free but this driver decided to park as close to the entrance as possible.

I really do hope you have better behaving colleagues.

I wish I had seen this site earlier: I got have ordered the bumper stickers!