Friday, December 15, 2006

Naturally this wasn't you!

.. my dear colleague!

I don't know what kind of colleagues you have but I hope they are not like the pigs that work at my present employer. See the tow images below take in October and November of this year.

We have a companmy restaurant where you can get various sandwiches, soup, fruit and the lot. That is all great and you can also take the food up to your desk, because you decide to have meeting over lunch or you are so busy that you eat at your desk while working and filling up your keyboard with bread crumbs. All that is very good. It's good working spirit.

But please take back your dishes and don't just put them on the floor of the pantry!

The sign says in badly constructed Dutch: "The dishes what are brought to the department must be return by yourself to the dish washing kitchen of the catering. UNIVE and Albron"

The sign says: "When you takes dishes to your department you must return them to the dish washing kitchen yourself. Unive and Albron"

Hope you all are better of with better colleagues.