Monday, July 10, 2006

Been busy lately time to blog

The last few weeks have been weeks with enough work, unlike the weeks, months before. I have been fixing minor issues with the new website and also working on some new extensions for it.

If all testing goes well we'll soon move to an 1024px based layout instead of the present 800px width. Also in the same release the site search will be brought back to the site. We already had search on the old site, but during the build of the first release this was delayed in favor of other features. But now it is coming back in full force: I am implementing a Google Mini.

And apart from that I am busy finishing my home office and that is getting close to completion. I have taken a couple of days off this week to race the final stretch to the finish line. I should be in business before next Monday.

So that's the reason why I have been slow with writing posts. Hopefully, I will find more time in the next weeks. I think I will as the workload is drying out again as some projects have already been postponed.