Friday, August 31, 2007

Terrorism: an excuse not to think


I saw this pop up on Digg and just glanced at it and my hair started to stand up straight.

"Mexican Trucks Begin Crossing Border Saturday"

Me being a European I just wonder if this is the first time Mexican trucks will the border. Probably not.

Digg user logicize
Making it even easier for the terrorists. Prelude to the North American Union. The Teamsters Union said it has been told by officials in the Transportation Department's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that the first Mexican trucks will be coming across the border on Saturday.

What? Terrorists? Did the Mexicans fly in to the Towers on 9/11? Must have missed that.

When you then start to read the numerous completely fear infested comments I begin to wonder why I am not afraid. IN the European Union we have open borders for years all ready. No gates to stop terrorists from Belgium, Denmark or, worse, Liechtenstein, a deeply fundamentalist philatelist country.

It's all about FUD

It sounds like too much FUD. Keep pumping fear and uncertainty into people and in the end they will believe anything. They will keep guns in their homes and believe that it keeps their children safe, until they find the gun and start playing with it.

It cannot be this bad

I thought the United States was about freedom and free trade and equal opportunities for everyone. Apparently only when you are a US citizen. Share more of your wealth and less of your polution.

Luckily, there are comments in there that show there are still people who use their brain. That gives me another glimpse of hope.