Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just a test post

.. well that's what it is

Not really that much here in the sense of real content. I am just testing if I can publish a blog post from Google Docs. Just for testing, hence the bogus content that goes on and on and on.

And now you read it ...

.. and you know it works. It might be a bit weird to look at, but then I will probably jump in the Blogger editor and clean things up. If not I will just leave it at this. I will post an update anyhow.

That is all

Yep, that is all.


Well, it sort of works. There seem to be some difference in presentation or it is me. Now I am updating the post from within the Blogger editor and I will see if that makes thing normal again.


Using Google Docs as the editor has some advantages over the Blogger editor. But nothing really shocking AFAICT.