Tuesday, February 06, 2007

IE 7 is coming fast!

.. and IE 6 is going just as fast!

I had a look at the numbers of the website of the company I work for. I have added a paragraph below.

Just had a quick look at my site's statistics and found that Internet Explorer 7 is being adopted rapidly. Many users have installed (probably with knowing) the automatic update.

In januari I had 58% IE6 and 41% IE7 (when looking only at IE) and now just a few days into februari the numbers have changed dramatically: IE6 is down to 34% and IE7 up to 63%!! In december 2006 it was completely the other way around: IE6 69% and IE7 30% So, the push operation is steady, but very, very surely!

Comparing to Firefox

As this is a very specific site a large number of users use other browsers so it should not be a surprise that the percentage of Firefox users is bigger than what is a normal average.

The numbers are stable over the last months: a little over 50% IE users and around 38% Firefox users. A clear sign that the IE7 users are not switching back from Firefox they are just forced IE7 users.

The same once again using bigger numbers

I decided to have a look at the numbers of the website of the compay I work for. These should be more reliable as the number of visitors is way bigger (between 200,000 and 350,000 a month).

The share of is consistent over the last months on about 80%. Firefox brings in 8%. The ratio of IE6 to IE7 shows a very familiar pattern:

  • December: IE6 92%,IE7 7%
  • January: IE6 75%,IE7 24%
  • Februari: IE6 62%,IE7 36%

For all those web developers out there who are mainly targetting IE6 I have a simple warning: you are falling behind once more. IE7 has not only caught up, but has overtaken you left and right. It's now becoming more and more important to build standard based websites as many of your current rigs will break with most of your ordinary visitors. When you think you can offer your clients an IE7 compatibility upgrade for a reasonable price than I can only say that you are ripping of your clients!