Monday, February 05, 2007

The spam tsunami has passed

.. at least so it seems

Gmail is quite good at filtering spam mails. Only occasionally I find one in my Inbox. Then I can simply click the button report spam and I hope that that will make the filter even better.

Before the last holidays I used to have a little over 300 messages in my spam box. Just before Christmas that started to rise dramatically. Within a couple of days it had passed 1100! And still only every now and then one would make it to my inbox.

And since the New Year has begun it has slowly decreased again and I am now back again at a score of 485. Still well above the 320 or so I used to have until early December 2006, but way below the peak of 1150.

So it seems that the spam boys and girls have eased off a tad and are maybe spending their well earned money. And perhaps pondering the next wave of spam for the next season.

But still the number has risen considerably and I fear that I will see a flood in the not so distant future that will bring me above 2000.