Thursday, March 04, 2010

Trouble with Team System workspace in VS2005

.. but I solved it

I have been developing in Visual Studio 2008 lately and the chances are reasonable that I will move to Visual Studio 2010 soon. However, in my current project I needed to create a SSIS thingy to do some clever data import. Since the database we are using is SQL Server 2005 I had to do a step down to Visual Studio 2005. Not a big problem since it's still installed on my machine.

Team System

Small problem was that we are using Team System for souce code control and work item management. That's a no brainer. Just download and install the Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2005.

Well easily done and away we go.

Login into the server and away we go!

Just a quick plug here. I am using an online hosted version of Team Foundation Server. It's provided by Online-TFS and works like a breeze. In a recent outsourcing job I had to work with a TFS instance hosted on the same internal network and that wasn't anywhere close in performance as this online version!

It may seem pricy at first, but I can access it from anywhere on the Internet and still have great performance.

After starting VS2005 I just had to logon and away I went. I quickly had the Team Explorer on screen and then I just wanted to hook up to the correct Workspace to start uploading the first version of SSIS project.

That's when things went a bit wrong. I had no options in the Source Control Explorer window. I could browse to the folders on TFS but couldn't add or get anything.

I was a bit stumped.

So I did search and found some stuff on MSDN about the File - Source Control menu. But that only showed Visual SourceSafe. Ugh!

I looked a little further and decided to go through the Options dialog where a lot of the hidden gems can be found.

The solution

Going through the good old Tools - Options menu I brought up the Options dialog. And there it was hiding under the Source Control item.

I just had to pick the right plugin from the box to get going.

While there I had a quick look at the other options to see if they suited me way of life and then clicked OK.

That's it

So then I could get cracking with the mysterious ForEach Loop Container.

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