Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Calendar is live

.. let's have a look

there have been rumors about a calendar applications from Google for some weeks, months now. And yes, the rumors were true. There is a Google Calendar live now!

It seems that one of the things I miss is now available.

First impressions

Apparently I am again one of the many, many early adopters as it took a few attempts to get the calendar on screen. But that's the Internet and it could also be our nasty proxy server that hiccups occasionally. Eventually the Calendar is there.

There is a lot to explore. Quite a lot.

Giving it a spin

Well, I pretty soon found out that it is possible to import meetings from my Outlook calendar. So, I gave that a go. Nothing showed up. I added a calendar for my work related meetings and that never showed up. Hmmm? I must be doing something wrong.

Adding other calendars is easy. I added the Dutch holidays calendar. I think it is far from complete. For instance Easter is missing. I added the US calendar and Easter is there. OK, that will hopefully fill up over time.

I planned lunch. It showed up. I then lost it as I moved it to my invisible work calendar and it disappeared. Just see if I get an email reminder for lunch. I have added a couple of other events and it all works really intuitive. Click and drag in the calendar to select a time slot and away you are. Or use one the links in the upper left to create an event.

But I have seen a lot of Failed to create event messages. I know, it is still beta and it might that another overwhelming crowd is trying simultaneously, but still this is not what I have come to expect from Google. I'll be back in a couple of days to have another look.

Google Calendar (click to zoom)

Here is my wishlist:

  • Getting the above mentioned quirks ironed out. (I trust they will.)
  • Make an API available. I have no doubts this will happen quite soon. My guess is that it is in test right now.
  • When this API is available have Sunbird connection.
  • Heck, make Outlook connect to it.
  • Finally, have my wife work with it so I know what and who awaits upon arrival back home.

I just noticed that while writing this post Google Calendar has recovered. My lunch date is back and I now have two work calendars (yes, I tried twice).

Google Calendar (click to zoom)

Makes me wonder where all my meetings from the Outlook import have gone. Maybe in a Google Calendar near you?