Tuesday, April 18, 2006

OS X on a PC?

.. probably never

I created a small post about running Apple OS X on (more or less) stanadrd PC hardware. And I wasn't the only one making that connection.

Why stop at MacWindows?
With all the hoo haa about running windows on a mac, many people have forgotten about the other side to the story. What about getting Apple software to run on ordinary Intel computers?

Born out of a sense of saving money (not having to buy a Mac and installing Windows XP through Boot Camp) I hoped for doing the opposite. Getting one my (older or current) PCs and flinging a legally purchased version of OS X on it using some kind of bootloader. Or run it as a virtual PC inside Windows OS X.

This all would be great and fun, but I do not see it work. Apart from Steve Jobs looking very angry at me I think there will be too many hurdles to jump over. Apple's OS is so tightly linked to Apple hardware that one would need something like HAL. But it should be possible. And in fact it is!

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but a coder going by the name of Maxxus has hacked Mac OS X to run on generic PCs that meet some relatively simple criteria. Of course it isn't a very polished solution yet and it does require a bit of work to even get the system booted, but it's bound to improve over time.

Only problem is that it perhaps is not a legal solution where as running Boot Camp on Mac hardware is.

That's why I would like the official Microsoft Boot Camp for Windows ™. And running Mac OS X as a Vitrual PC would just be hilarious.