Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Picking up fruit

.. I might just do it

With the now public beta of Boot Camp I am thinking that it is becoming increasing more likely that I will own an Apple computer in the near future. I have been eyeing the Mac Mini since it came out. Now with the ability to run the Windows XP OS and software on it The appeal has become very big indeed.

As a web designer it is easy to see how a site design performs on a Mac browser. It looks cool, although that should not be a reason to buy one. Also I would be very interested to be able to use the GUI. The little hands on experience I now have is looking for ways to do the most obvious tasks. Being crippled by blindfolded Windows experience makes operating a Mac not intuitive in five minutes. (As fluent Mac users will probably experience likewise when sitting behind a Windows machine the first time.)

Boot camp sure adds a lot of value to the Apple computers. Even though there are now some rumors that Boot Camp can lead to problems. But hey, it's a public BETA!