Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google I/O 2010 is amazing

.. eventhough I am not there

Since yesterday, 19 May 2010, Google I/O is raging. Many great stuff is being published and it is hard, no impossible to keep up. It's already impossible to even try to list all the new things coming soon or are even here today already.

2008 Google I/O in USA, the Keynote.Image via Wikipedia

I'll try to name some of the more interesting things I have picked up so far.

Google Font Directory

Ever wanted to use different fonts on your site than the limited few. Mo more mandatory Times New Roman or Arial or Courier. There were already some services out there (like TypeKit) that gave you the opportunity to use the new Web Fonts, but now Google has weighed in on that and partners with TypeKit and offers a first small set of Open Source fonts to use on your web site projects.

I know I will dive into this in the very near future.

As a matter of fact I already have ;-)

The VP8 codec

HTML5 has the <video> tag. That's nothing new. But most video now being served on is now in the format of H.264, a format that has an uncertain licensing model. A model that reminds of the old Compuserve GIF licensing model. After acquiring ON2 Google now has open sourced the VP8 codec.

Already the major browsers are backing that up and also Adobe promised to release VP8 support within Flash. That should be available to more than a billion users within the next 12 months.

Adobe also showed some of the new HTML5 tools for Dreamweaver. Making it clear to developers that Adobe not only stands for Flash (and Photoshop) but also for more cutting edge web based development. Good for Adobe.

Google Storage for Developers

With Google Storage for Developers the company from Mountain View is taking on cloud services like Amazon S3. Now only for developers from the US and invitation only. But soon it can become huge with the power of the giant behind it. I expect that some great applications will begin to popup in the next year based on Google Storage.

And more is still to come.

The consequences of these three major announcements will become apparent soon enough. Expect some more announcements in the coming days of Google I/O.

It's just too much information for now!

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