Friday, May 07, 2010

On jQuery templating

.. isn't it just shifting functionality around?

Eventhough jQuery templating is a pretty interesting concept and I feel tempted to use it, I can not stop thinking that it does not help to simplify my code.

I develop in ASP.NET mainly and do construct all the controls by hand, meaning that I first decide what my HTML will look like and then let the control render exactly that markup.

All right, all right

Arguably, I can do that with jQuery templating equally well. But I will be forced to rebuild the ViewState principle of ASP.NET in order to make changes come back to the server. I must call web services to get the data. Meaning that for each form I must have a specific web service. That is quite a bit of work.

Also I would be doing a lot of coding in JavaScript and in C# and I ike to keep as much functionality as possible in my main development language. Just to avoid confusion.


Then again, I may have missed some stuff and maybe things can be done that I do not see yet. It's still early in the jQuery templating model and things are bound to change. I will wait and see what comes up next in this area.
For now, I will stick with my MVC inspired, Mediator based framework.

In reference to: A few thoughts on jQuery templating with jQuery.tmpl | Encosia (view on Google Sidewiki)

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