Monday, May 31, 2010

What do you get from Twitter?

.. because I don't get it

Well Lynsheila, Thanks for your question:

"Rob, what do you get from Twitter? l must be a technophobe because l dont get it, l prefer chatting face to face"
A good question

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Well, Twitter is quite a lot and that makes it hard to grasp and hard to explain:

  • It's some sort of chat, although mostly public, eventhough you can go private
  • It's also a form of a news reader, nowadays I get more news through Twitter than through RSS feeds
  • It's blazingly fast when something happens anywhere around the world
  • I get updates from friends and see what they are up to
  • I get insight into the lifes and thoughts of famous people (sport stars, music stars etc) so they almost appear human
  • and so much more

It has to do with information flow in all sorts of ways that you can easily subscribe to and after some time you can abondan them as easy as that.

I hear and listen and also speak out through Twitter. So that is what Twitter is to me.

So, what is Twitter to you?

I dare you, come up with your explanation to Lynsheila and all the others who don't get it, but want to get it.

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