Friday, October 21, 2005

Be like a shepherd

.. get the Flock out of here!

This morning I was cycling from home on my bicycle. I had the weird feeling that it was Saturday. But it was Friday. I was hoping it was Saturday, but no, it was Friday. That meant another day at the office. Sigh.

I did not feel like going to work and did not really know what to tackle today.

Then I logged in (it took me three attempts). Then I found an e-mail from Lloyd, on behalf of the Flock crew. I jumped up. My life all of a sudden had new meaning again. Thank gods it is Friday, if it had been Saturday I wouldn't have found this message before Monday.

So why did I jump up? I had found out about Flock sometime ago and it promised a new approach to 'working the Internet'. It has every promise to be the real start of Web 2.0

Based on the Mozilla/Firefox engine it is a great browser, but added to that is much, much more. It has integration with Delicious, Flickr and Blogger. Making it easy to share bookmarks, photos and blog about it without going back and forth between web sites. It is absolutely amazing and why oh why did this not exist before?

Read more about it in this Slashdot article Be sure to absorb all the comments.

My life has changed in a dramatic way. I'm sold to the idea.

Finally quoting the Flock guys themselves:

Flock Developer Preview is now available. Our code couldn't wait any longer to be free!

Go and get Flock and your life will never be the same dull again!

Naturally, this post was created using Flock!