Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I want my, I want my

.. I want my MTV

Well not directly my MTV, but rather I want my big monitor back.

Before the weekend some of the PCs in my department got upgraded. Not mine. I already had a reasonably well equipped machine being a developer.

On top of the new systems they also received some of those hot 'n sexy flat screens. Really nice 'n slick 17" TFT panels. Not me, I have one of those back breaking 21" CRT that make my desktops bend. Both my desktop PC and my desk's desktop.

So, on Monday I walked into the department with a little bit of fear, that they may had replaced my desktop machine. It would mean days of installing and tweaking to get things up and running again or searching for my lost machine somewhere in dark dungeons of IT support. But no, my machine was still there. But they had replaced my big male canon with a sissy sized flat panel.

I called IT support and asked for my monitor back. After some time (and a growing headache due to the too bright TFT screen) they came and replaced it with a bigger monitor. Things got better again. I could work again. The font wasn't unreadable small anymore.

But this was only 19" monitor and not my big 21" machine. So another call to IT support. They understood, but could not guarantee that it would be corrected soon. Maybe early next week. Sigh!

Anyhow, a miracle happened and this morning a 21" monitor was wheeled in and was then placed back on top of my poor desktops. Bending them both.

As you can see:

not all change means progress.