Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Contract renewal

.. always funny

I started in my current job on 1st December last year. And as December is approaching rapidly again the renewal is coming up.

I have been asking about it already for a couple of times and have been reassured that the employer has every intention to extend the contract. Indefinitely even.

Good news so far.

I had a good performance review. My manager said so, just after the review:

BTW your performance is good.
And I have invested a lot of time and made some personal sacrifices (quit a job with an indefinite contract, selling my house, buying a new one, moving my kids, wife quitting her job etc. etc.) Naively, I was expecting some form of reward.

Well, I got an offer for a contract that is the same as the one I now have only there is no end date.

I declined and decided to opt for another one-year contract. That way we would have to do this show all over next year.

Now, see what they will offer me now. Or else, next year.