Thursday, October 20, 2005

Working with Excel

.. always funny

This morning I had to print out a huge Excel sheet. A lot of columns and a lot of rows. So I decided to at least filter out the irrelevant rows. Using the Autofilter of Excel 2003 that was a breeze and a big pleasure. Now I was down to 4 pages of A3 sized paper.

But due to the number of columns the printed font size was still relatively small. So, as I found that some columns were not really relevant to my work I decided to hide these. I selected these and in the context menu I choose the option 'Hide' and then an interesting messagebox popped up.

Roughly translated from Dutch (if that is at all possible): Can not shift objects off the sheet.

So .. I have just printed the lot and have to do a little more to find the right information.