Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Unfortunately Roho

.. yes I know that should have been the post

Do a Google on Unfortunately Roho and you get results like these:

  • Unfortunately Roho does not make the cushion I have, it was a prototype.
  • Unfortunately Roho has learned that two new delivery trucks, a necessity for the lunch delivery service, will cost a total of $24,000.
  • Well, unfortunately Roho woke up with a very bad cough Saturday morning and Kirah spend the day nursing him.

Well, unfortunately that is all Google or any of the other search engines come up with.

However, fortunately, when you do a Google on Fortunately Roho and you get results like these:

  • Fortunately Roho was just at the edge of the ice, so he doesn't encounter any further patches during his retreat.
  • Fortunately Roho had purchased an extended warranty when he bought his system, which promised to exchange it should it suffer from any major component failures.

Which has learned me that there is a thread about Roho at and Brendan's Journal is located at ?!