Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Google Analytics in practice #3: site overlay

.. it is back

Just giving away another bit of my "secrets" ;-) After my first and second entry on results and the meaning of Google Analytics this time just a short one.

The site overlay is back

It had disappeared for some time from Google Analytics (servers overloaded?) it has now returned in full fashion.

Google Analytics site overlay

The site overlay gives a very easy to read report. It shows a page of your site in mini browser control and on all the links it shows how many people have clicked on each. It is very intuitive.

Google Analytics
Site Overlay
This screen allows you to navigate your site while viewing traffic and conversion data for each link. The exit rate for the page is shown on the upper right corner of overlay. The blue and green bars are graphic indicators of clicks and quality, respectively, for each link on the page. Click on any set of blue and green bars to view metrics for that link: the number of clicks, the conversion rates for each goal you have defined, and the $Index. Links with the highest $Index are those links most commonly visited prior to high-value conversions during a visit. Click on any link to navigate to that page.
What is the use of this?

Well, it gives you an easy overview of where the clicks went from any page to another page within your site. It also has the exit percentage so you know how many people just plainly left your site.

The screen shot of the index page of the Roho Products website shows that still quite a bit people are leaving and that also quite a few people (almost one in five) click on the link that leads to the page itself. I do hope Jacob Nielsen does not read this!

More evidence that my home page needs a redesign. And in fact I am now in progress with a new home page that will come in front of this one. That new index page will try to better gauge the visitors to the pages that I would like them to see.