Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A business plan [1]

.. and totally for free!

As I have no time recently to start a business and get rich I have decided to not let these brilliant ideas gather dust. I have decided that in this age of Open Source to go Open Source with it.

I will release two of the brightest plans under a new type of license. This license boils down to the following (after removing all the lawyer language):

  • You can use the idea free of charge
  • You are allowed to own the business set up.
  • Whenever you become filthy rich you are encouraged to share a little bit with me.
  • If you do get rich and are not thankful in a financial way then be prepared to feel guilty for the rest of your life or just don't care.
Idea #1
Observing the landscape

In recent years many prize fighters have emerged in the airline business: EasyJet, Ryan Air and also the Dutch Transavia.Com.

Finding the opportunity

This market is slowly filling up. So where is the opportunity? Is there a way to find something new in this market?

Well, what is needed is another low investment business. And if you stay up with current events then this easily found

Idea #1:
Resources needed

You need a website (yes) on which customers can leave some form of US political incorrect comments on George W. Bush or the United States in general. It is advised to use the words: terrorists, Islam and Al Qaida for swift service.

The customer will then at a not announced moment be taken to a not disclosed airport into an unmarked plane and taken to an unknown destination.

So, it is adventure at its best. I don't think there will be many complaints from customers.

Good luck

And when you do get filthy rich: please remember where you got the idea from!


Silly me, I should have checked the domain name. is already taken. I guess the guys at the Company have already thought of this. And checking a bit further shows that the guys 'n dolls from the other organisation have already taken up

So, you have to think up a new domain name. But hey, you get a potential multi-million dollar business plan for free!