Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Meetings, please no more meetings

.. they are not healthy

Something we knew all along. But now some scientist have done a study regarding meetings and their unhealthy effects.

Alexandra Luong and Steven G Rogelberg
Do you believe, as someone somewhere perhaps does, that meetings, meetings, meetings, followed by more meetings are altogether a good thing?

Everybody knows that having loads of meetings is bad for the amount of work you can do. But Luong and Rogelberg also state that it is very tiresome.

"It is impressive," Luong and Rogelberg write in their summary, "that a general relationship between meeting load and the employee's level of fatigue and subjective workload was found". Their central insight, they say, is the concept of "the meeting as one more type of hassle or interruption that can occur for individuals".

Not world shocking, but it makes it easier to understand why managers produce less and still feel that they have done a lot, because they are tired after a day of meetings.

However so far the study does not give insight in the detrimental effects on the mental abilities of managers. This is food for another study.

It could give a good explanation for the erratic behavior of previous and present managers of mine. ;-)