Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Firefox is gaining slowly

.. a substantial piece of the action

XiTiMonitor has reported on the spread of Firefox. As a fanatic Firefox user I have repeatedly blogged about Firefox. As there are so many reasons to at least give it a try. Take some time to check some of the extensions: these do add value.


Back to XiTiMonitor. They have produced some nice graphs about the spread of Firefox. The first one (below) shows the spread throughout Europe.

Firefox in Europe

As a Dutch citizen it hurts a bit that apparently we are slow to move. So are the Danish. As I recall correctly we were also clinging onto Novell Netware and Wordperfect as the world was moving to Windows NT and Word. You could say that was pure genius back then, but seeing the trend now it is more some conservative carefulness. We know what we have let's cling on to it. Only Ukraine is worse at adopting Firefox.

The world

When looking at the World map I feel proud to be European. Europe is the forerunner with Firefox. Down Under people seem to be picking it also in a good way.

Firefox in the world
Not ready yet

But we are not there yet! Not in The Netherlands and not in the rest of the World. Get Firefox!

Get Firefox!

Don't be shy or scared, it's easy, it's painless. It is liberating.