Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Google Finance launched!

.. now you can see when you should have sold on line

Yep, they have done it again! Google has launched yet another spin off: Google Finance.

With this you can easily track any stock. After entering a company name in the familiar Google Search box you get a page filled with financial information. Enough to keep you satisfied for quite some time.

You get a graph of the current standing of your stock on the NASDAQ or NYSE. This is annotated with relevant news items, so you can see why the price went up or down.

Loads and loads of financial figures, information about the management of the company and way, way more. Simply too much to tell.

To top things of you can also pull together your portfolio and see what it is worth right now and whether your at a huge loss and should hold on or sell to become a millionaire.

Go give it a spin!